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Visit by An Indian Motorcycle


In May we had guest who rode up on the most spectacular motorcycle I have ever seen.  It did not roar, it purred.  An Indian Chief Vintage Motorcycle.  A bright shiny red, tan leather seat and saddle bags with leather fringe on both!  What a sight of beauty and style.

Briefly, the manufacture of the Indian Motorcycle (originally called a Motocycle) began in 1897 as a bicycle by George Hendee and joined by Oscar Hedstrom, his chief engineer in the 1900s.  It was America’s first motorcycle and was manufactured in Springfield, Massachusetts.  It was used in WWI and WWII as troop support for American and all Allied Forces.  Larry‘s father road one as an MP during WWII.  The production ended in 1953.

It had a rough time with the Harley Davidson as a competitor, and for a time was manufacture in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.  Now owned by Polaris, it has been reintroduced in three types: the Indian Chief Classic, the Indian Chief Vintage and the Indian Chieftain, manufactured in Medina, Minnesota.  It sure is a remarkable and striking piece of equipment made completely in the USA!

Enjoy the photos!

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