Breakfasts at Applewood Manor

We are not so sure the term ‘happy‘ is always the case in the morning. Some times it is more about thoughts of MURDER crossing our minds in our morning efforts, but cooperation and coordination is a definitely a state of mind we always strive for. We have our separate duties. Performing them without crashing into each other, without burning something or without screwing up the number of guests ready for a certain course; for us is indeed been an accomplishment. In fact our experience together in the kitchen, years before this Applewood Manor Inn B&B adventure, was what one would call a WAR ZONE! The only truce we could jokingly negotiate was whomever was not cooking had to stay away from the kitchen to remain alive-take no prisoners!

When we met, Larry was/is quite accomplished in the kitchen and did his own cooking (he does laundry too). He is the opposite type of cook than I am, and this difference quickly became evident. He is more inspirational, ‘tried & true’ and most importantly, relaxed. Gosh, he is so good he rarely uses a timer. Nothing bothers him except when he lays a spoon/spatula down, he rightfully expects to reach in the same spot for it again….and I always moved them! He and no one else makes a killer sausage gravy and you should see the guests drooling to taste it. This Christmas, 2010, we served an Old Fashioned TRUE Southern breakfast of which the crowning glory was Larry’s sausage gravy and biscuits, our guests even came to breakfast early to not miss out!

So this adventure of working together forced us to compromise and make a truce. I have learned to curb my impulsiveness and not touch cooking equipment unless I was using it (man, that was hard). We work together smoothly almost like a ballet. After we got our two new ovens we did burn the morning bread more than once, which our sweet guests always found funny…but we have made it through that. So if you hear deep breathing coming from the kitchen, just smile and be patient. Larry will eventually come into the dinning room grinning and tell you what he just did to tease me.


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