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Strange Housekeepers at Applewood

Strange Housekeepers at Applewood

As I have bragged so many times, I feel we have a remarkable housekeeping staff here at Applewood Manor Inn.  Not only are they perfectionists (though we do screw up once in a while) but they really care about the condition of the rooms in the house as well as the outside.  Each staff member has a specialty of interest.  Sonia loves plants and flowers, besides a back up cook and a keen eye for dirt and dust.  Dwight is fast and efficient especially at room cleaning and disinfecting, as well as table setting and cleaning up the breakfast dishes and the kitchen.  Henry is our expert laundry magician, gets out stains and a perfectionist with ironing.  Wet sheets and towels are never left in the washer!  Many guests marvel when they listen to Sonia and Dwight work and have remarked , “How in the world did you get them to sing?”.  I respond that they came to us with that charming talent, and they do not even realize they are singing while they work!

What our guests do not realize is that all three are known Thespians here in Asheville.  Dwight has a dual degree from Brevard College (once known as the Brevard School of Music) in Acting and Opera.  He has directed plays, painted stages, conducted acting classes, composed music and is well know as a veteran actor/singer.  Sonia is such a happy soul and has acted/sung in many a play, she is not only pleasing to the eye but sweet.  Henry is a new addition to our crew and is also a veteran actor/singer/dancer coming out of Greensboro, now a resident of Asheville.

Right now Sonia and Henry are in the same Shakespearean play, performing at the  Hazel Robinson Amphitheater, in the Montford Historic District, in  Coriolanus (a seldom staged military drama).  Henry is a main character Tullus Aufidius (villain) and Sonia his chief Lioness (Volscian Soldier).  So Sonia’s fake tattoos and corn row braided hair is a bit alarming.  Henry takes the award for strange,  with his hair shaven in grooves around his head and ending in a severe point in the back, along with braids on the long hair left on top. Thank goodness they do not work in their costumes!


The Guest Who Is Staying a Bit LongerThan Normal

The Guest Who Is Staying a Bit Longer Than Normal

grandmom and grandpet

My son and daughter-in-law are having a house built for them in Arlington, Virgina.  They have (my first four legged grandson named) Toby, who is a Boston Terrier.  Unfortunately the place they are staying temporarily, does not allow dogs (how unfortunate).  So I was asked to take care of him for 2 weeks, which transformed, or course, into over 2 months! Presently Mr. Toby is still with us from his arrival on June 25!!   Their house is progressing, but you can imagine easily, how timetables are rather nebulous and it takes longer than expected.

photo 1

Mr. Toby is absolutely adored by our guests!  He LOVES people. In fact he received a report card from doggie day care that stated he does not play well with other dogs.  I suspect he thinks he is a four legged human.  A few problems, he is not a dander free pet and he jumps up on you.  So Mr.Toby is always behind our kitchen gates, much to his sorrow.

Maggie and Lila are not jealous, which surprises me.  It is quite a feat to have both dogs in my lap at the same time (Toby and Lila).  The girls even wait for me to get Toby’s harness on before they run out into the back yard.  We cannot let Toby run loose.  He is very muscular and very fast.  Being a terrier, when he gets free he stays just out of your reach, running in circles, stopping to make sure you are trying to catch him with a huge grin on his face.  It is rather annoying and time consuming to catch him.  Thank god he really just wants to be where I am, so eventually he tires and let himself be escorted back in to the house.

So we are now a family of 5 (temporarily) here at Applewood Manor Inn.  One wide open Boston Terrier and two lazy Silky Terriers.



Wine & Cheese, Anyone?

Cheese hour at Applewood Manor in Asheville NC

We have a motto, here, at Applewood:  “There’s absolutely nothing that wine & chocolate can’t solve!”  That must be why both our commons room and music room boast crystal jars of yummy, cocoa delights.  Go ahead… grab a handful!

In addition to your 3-course breakfast, we offer a wine & cheese hour (and a non-lactose snack of Salsa & chips or Hummus & Pita chips) from 5:00 to 6:00pm daily.  This is one of my favorite times, as I’ve usually finished most of my day’s tasks (like baking fresh bread for the morning) and am waiting for those new guests to check-in.  It is so rewarding to listen to the lively banter from our visitors enjoying a glass of red or white wine.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to hear about their respective cultures and adventures, and this encourages others to meet those staying with us.

Wine and cheese hour is also the perfect time to unwind, before dinner.  Guests often spend the time catching up with friends from breakfast and perusing our Applewood Restaurant Guide – a binder filled, quite literally, with almost every menu available in Asheville!  This guide can acquaint you with Asheville’s diverse culinary landscape, and Larry and I can help you to make reservations at any local eateries you may wish to explore.  Don’t worry if you are not a wine person, you can always BYOB, we always have soft drinks sitting out, I can make Lemonade or if it is the right time of the year, local cider.