JULY 26-27, 2024





Includes dinner & wine pairings

Presenting Our Take on Southern Cuisine

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Chef Sebastian Elie-York, an Asheville native, cultivated his culinary roots spending his summers farming so it makes sense that southern ingredients shaped his cooking style. His journey continued with a transformative summer in Italy with Chef Massimo Bottura and exposure to Michelin Star kitchens. Inspired, Sebastian cooked at a James Beard Award-winning Southern restaurant, launching the Broad Street Supper Club. After farming at Gaining Ground post-graduation, Sebastian worked at one Michelin star restaurant The Dabney in Washington, DC.

Today, as the founder and Chef of Little Poutine in New York City, Sebastian’s culinary endeavors take a unique turn. Little Poutine collaborates with up-and-coming chefs to design and run restaurant pop-ups across the city.

July 26th and 27th, Sebastian will be partnering up in the kitchen with childhood friend and Applewood Manor’s Culinary Director Vitor Schizzi. Vitor had a late start to his culinary career after his cycling endeavors. He started training under Asheville’s first James Beard nominee chef Jacob Sessoms, and more recently has had the opportunity to work with various Michelin Star chefs including Mads Refslund of Ilis, Xavier Mathieu of Le Phebus, and Marc Fosh. Heavily influenced by southern Brazilian and Chilean cuisines where Vitor grew up, he loves open fire cooking techniques. Vitor considers food as a form of celebration between him, his guests and the ingredients.

At Applewood Manor, Chef Sebastian and Vitor invite you to a dinner party highlighting the best ingredients Asheville has to offer during the peak of Summer. Their ambition is clear: to let the ingredients shine with minimal manipulation, reminiscent of traditional cooking practices. You will be exploring the Appalachian grains with minimal manipulation to showcase the ingredients’ natural flavors. Heavily focusing on local produce, meats, and fish, we will be crafting an all-local dining experience.

This will be a unique interactive dining experience where you will have the opportunity to come into the kitchen multiple times during prep time to interact, see, and learn from Chefs Sebastian and Vitor. During the actual dining experience the Chefs will be guiding you on a tour through the different rooms of Applewood Manor, each room with a different course and the opportunity to explore more than just the southern ingredients.

Chefs Sebastian York and Vitor Schizzi promise to make each meal a celebration of local flavors and a tribute to the culinary heritage that has shaped their remarkable journey.


Amuse: Local Smoked trout and chives, chervil, fried rye cracker

Cocktail: Milk Punch of gin infused with chervil and rye

Table Snack: Viet-Cajun boiled peanuts

Passed App: Mini tart with fresh tomato

Kitchen Snack: North Carolina oysters, on the half shell w/ mignonette

Soup: Cancassed sungolds, watermelon, yellow and red gazpacho with blue crabs, apple, chervil

Carolina gold risotto, North Carolina shrimp and shrimp jus

Local pork, swiss chard and young garlic, English peas

Local cheeses, crackers and jam

Honeysuckle Julep

Mini blackberry cobblers, vanilla ice cream


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Guest Chef Sebastian York, The Applewood Manor

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