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Personal experience at Korean House in downtown Asheville

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My son, daughter-in-law and 4 year old grandson took me to their favorite Korean restaurant in Arlington, Va. (my grandson has a sophisticated palate) when I was last visiting them.  I LOVED THE FOOD!   So when I saw that a Korean restaurant was opening in Asheville and not too far from Applewood Manor,I could hardly wait.  I read a review in the local Citizen Times right after they opened their doors… it was a bad review complaining of slow service and so on, I am sure it did not help their business!

Just this week Larry and I found the time to go on a date and we elected to give the Korean House on 122 College Street and try it for ourselves.  The interior is very clean with stained wood tables and chairs, yet warm.  There are huge stainless steel overhead vents for all the tables bordering the side of the restaurant.  These are set up for the eventual brassier cooking of meats.  As of yet they are not allowed to cook in that manner by the health department……I can hardly wait for when they can.

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Their menu has a lunch section and then the dinner selection divided into Appetizers, Grilled dishes, Rice dishes, Stonebowls, Noodless and Stir Fried Dishes.  This is all authentic Korean cooking with a brother  managing and sister is the chef.  The lunches are reasonably priced from $8.95 to $11.95.  Dinner is reasonably priced entrees from  $11.95 up to the most expensive $19.95.  The average price of an entree was  $13.95 and the serving size was large and filling.

We ordered an appetizer of Yaki Man Du (pan fried dumplings) and they were to die for!  then Larry ordered Spicy Pork Bok Um (Spicy stir fried pork with vegetable) and I ordered a Chicken Stone Bowl.  The food came in a normal space of time and everything you could tell was freshly made.  When  we got our entree it was served with small bowls of condiments to add such as kimchi, marinated radish, tuna, seaweed, bean sprouts and brown rice for Larry’s.  It was all delicious and we took home our left overs.

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I had never had a stone bow. It actually was a thick hot bowl, filled with chicken, vegetables over rice and topped with an easy over egg.  When it is brought to you the waiter then mixes the egg into the other ingredients making a sauce.  It was hot and delicious, the heat of the bowl cooked the egg completely after it was mixed in.

You can go to www.koreanhouseNC.com and view their menus.  I found the place delightful and the food so tasty, fresh and colorful.  Well worth experiencing!