April 16, 2021



OUR TRAINS, The Applewood Manor It was the coming of the railroads that opened Asheville to the country and later the world as a major tourist destination. So, it is only fitting that it should have its own railroad company, Craggy Mountain Line, Inc.—even if it is just for fun.

Craggy Mountain Line, Inc. is a non-profit organization which was formed in 2001 to acquire the last remaining three miles of the Craggy Mountain line, an historic section of track that was once part of the former Southern Railroad located in Woodfin Township. The organization’s mission is to preserve the railroad in an operable state and open to the public. That includes acquiring and restoring antique railroad equipment for use and display. They maintain a museum for railroad memorabilia and information about the history of the line and its significance to the development of the area. And they do all of that relying on volunteers.

Like many attractions, Craggy Mountain Line’s normal operations has been affected by the COVID pandemic. During normal times they make regular runs at 4:00 PM daily from their 111 North Woodfin Avenue station to the end of the line and back, 3.5 miles, a 7 mile round trip. The ride lasts about an hour and 15 minutes. Tickets are $10.00 per person. In addition they do charter runs and offer special seasonal runs around Christmas holidays and the fall color season. Even with COVID limitations they have continued to accept chartered runs. There are two versions of their charters. The standard is to the end of the line and back—a seven mile trip. The second is a two mile run to the Woodfin Riverside Park and picnic pavilion and a return after park activities. The pavilion can be rented in three hour blocks. Individual families as small as two people can join an existing charter run. For reservations or to find out the current schedule for their regular run call 828-808-4877. You can learn more by going to their website The station is only three miles from Applewood Manor—a mere six minute car drive.

OUR TRAINS, The Applewood Manor

Asheville has been called many things—weirdest, happiest, quirkiest place in America, Santa Fe of the East, New Age Capital of the World, Paris of the South, Beer City USA, Most Haunted, Sky City and others. It has many secrets, mysteries, and legends—some factual, some alleged, some exaggerated and some just plain lies.


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OUR TRAINS, The Applewood Manor

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