Simple solution to lasting Flower Bouquets

We always like to have fresh flowers at Applewood Manor for the guest to enjoy while they are staying with us. For a year or so I was using the small packets that come with bouquets to keep the flowers from wilting too soon.  They really did not work as the flowers wilted quickly.  I also observed/smelled the bacteria growth in each vase, a sight/smell which only a Beta fish would love.  Dissatisfaction and frustration was growing, especially with at least twelve small vases to contend with.

Thanks to the internet, I spent a bit of time investigating recipes that logically could work and not just the repeat of old wives’ tales of aspirin, changing the water daily, etc.; as if I had time to change the water in all the vases in the MacIntosh, Granny Smith, Northern Spy, York Imperial, Cortland Cottage and the Winesap as well as all the vases in our dinning room!  This recipe has been simple, inexpensive and successful for the last 6 years. It is time to share the magic.

Applewood flower vases 001

Applewood flower vases 002

Bacteria free long lasting flower water:

  • 3 jiggers of regular bleach (if using 1 1/2 oz jigger just use 2)
  • clear soda pop to 2 cup line
  • tap water to 4 cup line
  • stir mixture to blend

In a glass 4 cup measuring bowl mix the above ingredients.  Pour into container/vase for flowers.  Store left over flower water mixture for next arrangements in empty 2 liter soda pop bottle well marked – DO NOT DRINK .  Store at room temperature and shake before using if it has sat. Note:  Do not be concerned if the mixture does not have a fizzle.  The fizzle has nothing to do with the use of the mixture for cut flowers.

What you have is a fluid mixture with sugar to feed the flowers as well as water to keep them fresh.  The bleach kills all bacteria that would have formed off the stems and eliminating foul odors.





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