Farm Burger on Patton Avenue


Love going to restaurants I have not tried!  This time it was Farm Burger on 10 Patton Avenue, downtown Asheville.  It has out door seating with bright red tables as well as indoor seating.  It is dog friendly if you sit outside. We went with another couple for lunch.  It was so much fun people and traffic watching, slowly going by. It was never a dull moment while waiting for your food.

Basically you read the menu off a chalk board or the menus in slots on the way to order, similar to Jason’s Deli or Mamacitas restaurant.  They do offer salads, a small children’s selection, Milkshakes and floats, beer wine, all local drafts, snacks, then your burgers, which you have free items to add to your burger, then $1 or $2 each side or burger additions, as well as sweet potato and hand cut fries and batter dipped onion rings.  They have in house *BlackBoard Burgers* that include vegan burger, pork chicken and goat cheese burgers.

Their burgers are grass fed, antibiotic free & hormone free, locally raised and ground fresh.  They do ask how you would like your cooked.  Their menu is seasonal and source is from North Carolina farms.

I ordered a *blackBoard Burger*  No. 1 which came with aged Vermont white cheddar and caramelized onions the for free I added sliced tomato, iceberg lettuce and Duke’s Mayo.  Then I orderd rings and fries with smoked paprika mayo, unfortunately I had to share!  It was absolutely delicious. They do have lunch menu where fries and drink are included.   You can go to their web site to view their menu and for more information.  It is worth a try if you just feel like a burger.


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