Who Made Applewood Manor Spiffy?

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 I have a feeling some of our guests view our life, as innkeepers, as a constant Tea Party and relaxed rested hosts who sit and talk to our wonderful guests with a huge staff.  Though this is partly true (especially the part about wonderful guests but not about the huge staff).  Larry in reality is also: the manor house maintenance man, grounds keeper, plumber, electrician, resident tour guide (6 generations of Larry’s family from Asheville/Buncombe County), financial genius, problem solver, funny/teasing/joking breakfast waiter, reservation master, bus boy, PC problem solver, fill-in chef, jump cable expert for dead batteries in cars, architect and construction laborer for all outside structures  (decorative arches, arbors and storage buildings accepted by our Historical Society) and finally an apple tree sprayer and trimmer in his spare time.  We joke about who needs more than 2 hours sleep at night?

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It amazes me of how much our past experience and how we grew up effects our present and future accomplishments.  In my husband’s case it has become invaluable.  Larry grew up on a farm and earned a double degree in Economics and Engineering from North Carolina State University.  That has been put to invaluable good use!

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Applewood Manor Inn B&B went from a large private family home to become a Bed and Breakfast in 1987.  There have been 3 B&B owners/innkeepers and we are the 4th in Applewood’s history. Each owner contributed to it’s  transformation but it was sourly mismatched and had a large amount of differed  maintenance when we bought it.  It has been indeed a joy to watch the old, well structured manor house and the large wild almost jungle-like grounds nudged into a quiet, restful, relaxed and non-stuffy destination for travelers.

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