Opera at Applewood

Montford Park Players Amphitheater

Montford Park Players Amphitheater

I must be the luckiest innkeeper in the world!  Right now, as our fresh breakfast breads are baking, I’m listening to live opera wafting from the kitchen and melding with the rich hints of cinnamon and chocolate goodness escaping from the oven.

You see, one of my staff members, Mr. Dwight Chiles just also happens to be quite an accomplished vocalist and thespian.  He acquired a BA in Music with a concentration in opera, from our local Brevard College.  Turns out, Brevard is not only the renowned “Land of Waterfalls” (as our guests regularly confirm, after hikes through its spectacular trails), but it’s also the land of Don Giovanni and Carmen… at least, as far as Dwight is concerned.

In addition to being a member of the Asheville Lyric Opera, you can also see Dwight perform with the Montford Park Players, at their outdoor, Shakespearean amphitheater which is just blocks away from Applewood.  We highly recommend booking a reservation at the Caribbean fusion restaurant Nine Mile and, then, heading over the to amphitheater for their current show.

When you visit us, feel free to ask me or Larry for tickets.  Also, if you can catch him in the halls (or, better yet, in our piano parlor) Dwight gladly takes song requests!


Montford Park Players Amphitheater


Dwight Chiles (far right) in the current production of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead

Dwight Chiles (far right) in the current production of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead



Our Chicken Hawk are Back at Applewood Manor

2014-05-27 hawk 2

The best sign of spring for us at Applewood Manor Inn B&B is the sound of our favorite chicken hawk family.  They soar over the area and their wing spans cast shadows on the ground.  They are very protective of our entire yard and this year we observed then picking grubs out of our lawn along with scaring off crows!  They tolerate us with distinctive calls when we disturb their morning vigilance for food.  They do not bother our Silky Terriers, as they are too large to be of food interest with all the other choices this quiet Montford Historic District has to offer.

2014-05-27 hawk 1

This year rather than nesting in our front pine tree as they have for the last 8 years, they decided to move their nest to our back side yard.  They have made a very large nest in one of our Oak trees!  That was a problem for me, once the leaves branch out it will be almost impossible to view the rapid growth of their little white fuzzy chicks.  Alas, it would have been a perfect nest to photograph off the York Imperial balcony!

One morning we found a dead baby chick on the ground beneath the huge Oak tree.  I do not know if they did not secure the nest well, or maybe there was a chick born with deformities, or may be they only hatched one egg rather than the usual three, but the nest was short one future Chicken Hawk-Coopers Hawk.

The back yard suddenly became very quiet.  No hawks protecting a nest.  No large brown winged and white broad chested bird hopping around the grass looking for fat juicy grubs.  Just lots of other birds nesting and singing in the morning.

Mother nature can be cruel and the hardiest of a species is destined hopefully to survive.  I pray our faithful Hawk family will come back next year announcing the beginning of Spring with their loud calls and swooping winged shadows flowing over the yard.  But I also pray they will return to the front yard and the safety of the large White Pines sitting majestically in our front island.


Want To Be a Judge For a Chef’s Challenge Competition Dinner? Come Stay at Applewood Manor for Fire on the Rock

fire on the rock

Do you love to give your opinion especially concerning food?  You can be a participant and a judge for Fire on the Rock, North Carolina’s state wide Chef’s competition, running simultaneously (Asheville, Greensboro, Raleigh, Wilmington and Charlotte) on March 10-11 and March 17-18, semi -finals March 24-25, 2014 in Asheville.  Come stay at Applewood Manor Inn B&B and secure a Fire on the Rock Package to judge both nights or just one night;  dining at the Lioncrest on the Biltmore Estate,  on food prepared by two Chef’s from either Strada Italiano, Vadalia, Isis Restaurant and Music Hall, Seasons at Highland Lake & Resort in Flat Rock, The Gamekeeper in Boone, NC, Ambrozia, King James Public House and LAB (Lexington Avenue Brewery).  Go to http://bit.ly/N73huT ; a blog to tell you what two chefs were cooking.

Fire on the Rock Package are the cost of single or two nights stay at Applewood Manor Inn ranges from $145 to $200/night (without taxes) and then the cost of tickets (we will procure them in your name) for the date you desire listed below and included is a FREE surprise Package bag for two:

Monday, 3/10 and/or Tuesday, 3/11; from 6:30 to 10PM-cost for tickets $75**/each

Monday, 3/17 and/or Tuesday, 3/18; from 6:30 to 10PM-cost for tickets $75**/each

Semi-Finals- Monday, 3/24 and/or Tuesday, 3/25, 6:30 to 10PM- cost $88**/each

**All ticket prices above inclusive of all taxes.  * Package bag for each couple with  Fire on the Rock participation get:

1or 2 night’s lodging at Applewood Manor Inn B&B


2 Tickets to- Got to NC Competition Dining Series “Fire On the Rock” per night


2 Wine Glasses from NC Wine & Grape Council


1 Bottle Cackalacky Sauce (sample size)


Free dessert for two at Ambrozia


Free dessert for two at The King James Public House


10% off lunch or dinner at Seasons Restaurant


$10 off $25 purchase (alcohol not included) at LAB (Lexington Avenue Brewery)


One complimentary chef’s choice appetizer with the purchase of a bottle of wine @Strada Italiano


Buy two signature drinks and get your choice of 1 complimentary tapas at The Social Lounge


Savor the Inns of Asheville:  Cookbook of the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association (not available at all Inns)

Add some fun to your life along with being treated with Southern hospitality and join us at Applewood Manor Inn B&B to attend Fire on the Rock.