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Our Chicken Hawk are Back at Applewood Manor

2014-05-27 hawk 2

The best sign of spring for us at Applewood Manor Inn B&B is the sound of our favorite chicken hawk family.  They soar over the area and their wing spans cast shadows on the ground.  They are very protective of our entire yard and this year we observed then picking grubs out of our lawn along with scaring off crows!  They tolerate us with distinctive calls when we disturb their morning vigilance for food.  They do not bother our Silky Terriers, as they are too large to be of food interest with all the other choices this quiet Montford Historic District has to offer.

2014-05-27 hawk 1

This year rather than nesting in our front pine tree as they have for the last 8 years, they decided to move their nest to our back side yard.  They have made a very large nest in one of our Oak trees!  That was a problem for me, once the leaves branch out it will be almost impossible to view the rapid growth of their little white fuzzy chicks.  Alas, it would have been a perfect nest to photograph off the York Imperial balcony!

One morning we found a dead baby chick on the ground beneath the huge Oak tree.  I do not know if they did not secure the nest well, or maybe there was a chick born with deformities, or may be they only hatched one egg rather than the usual three, but the nest was short one future Chicken Hawk-Coopers Hawk.

The back yard suddenly became very quiet.  No hawks protecting a nest.  No large brown winged and white broad chested bird hopping around the grass looking for fat juicy grubs.  Just lots of other birds nesting and singing in the morning.

Mother nature can be cruel and the hardiest of a species is destined hopefully to survive.  I pray our faithful Hawk family will come back next year announcing the beginning of Spring with their loud calls and swooping winged shadows flowing over the yard.  But I also pray they will return to the front yard and the safety of the large White Pines sitting majestically in our front island.


Asheville Small Plate Crawl February 25-27, 2014

At the Applewood Manor, we are known as a foodie location and indeed that is an adjective that is well deserved with all our fantastic restaurants!  This up coming mid week, Tuesday thru Thursday, February 25-27, 2014 we will have another Small Plate Crawl.

All you need to do is go to the website and print out a AIRpass for each person in your party.  You bring that with you to have each participating restaurant mark that you ate there, leave this AIRpass at the last restaurant you visit and there will be a drawing for a prizes.  This website also allows you to check out the menus for the small plate crawl.  Not all entrees at each restaurant are part of the crawl.

The cost of the small plates will range from $3 to $8 each, some will be paired with Biltmore Estate

The participating restaurants are: downtown: The Lobster Trap, Lexington Avenue Brewery, Thirsty Monk, Jerusalem Garden, Posana Cafe, Chestnut, Zambra, Creperie Bouchon, Strada Italiano, Isa’s Bistro, Santw Wine Bar, French Broad Chocolates, Market Place Restaurant, Chai Pani (Meherwan Irani, chef at Chai Pani, is up for a possible James Beard Award this year along with Katie Button from Curate), Carmel’s Kitchen, King James Public House, Wicked Weed Brewing and Vincenzo’s Ristorante.  The Rivers Arts District has Blue Kudzu Sake.  Biltmore Village has the Red Stag Grill.  West Asheville has the Sunny Point Cafe.  South Asheville has 32*ICE BAR & Lounge and Pompodoro’s Cafe South.  If you go to any of the restaurants outside of downtown your entry for the prizes double for those restaurants. You also have to go to at least 5 restaurants to be eligible for the drawings.wines.  This cost does not include the tipping of the waiters that take care of you (they will be working very hard as they always do and deserve your tip).  I suggest you use cash only as this will speed up the time spent at each place.

It is is great way to have fun and get a taste of each restaurant.  Don’t worry you will not have to share plates, remember they are small plates!




27th Arts & Crafts Conference Show in Asheville, NC

2014 Grove Park Inn Arts&Crafts exampleThere is fantastic Arts & Crafts show this coming weekend, February 21 thru February 23, 2014 at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville.  There will be 130 exhibitors on antiques ranging from the 1895-1939 and new art/crafts for sale.

For those interested in attending the seminars call 828-628-1915, Mr. Bruce Johnson is Director of the Conference.  A seminar package can be purchased for $150 for the entire 3 day conference besides viewing the booths without staying at the Grove Park Inn.  Those that just want to shop the booths and merchandise for sale you can purchase a ticket at the door for $10 each (students $5 and children under 14 free),  parking is free! This door ticket would be good for all 3 days afternoon entry to the display booths.

These booths are open on Friday, February 21, 1-6PM; Saturday February 22, 12-6PM and Sunday, February 23, 11-4PM.  The artists will be selling everything from textiles, jewelry, pottery, furniture, frames, rugs, lighting and so on.  This can be an education for old and new collectors as well as quality shopping for new crafts and art.  You can also go the a website www, for more information.


If you are looking for a weekend getaway and need a cozy Inn to stay and then come and stay with us! Applewood Manor Inn B&B has been awarded the honor of being designated as one of the Traveler’s Choice 2014 Top 25 B&B and Inns in the whole United States by TripAdvisor. You can go to