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Back to Korean House

back to korean  restaurant


If you love a restaurant that is well serviced, the food is very healthy and beautifully presented you sure take your grandson there, when you get to choose where you want to eat for your birthday. And that is exactly what Larry did.   The kids (parent’s of the grandson) treat (they will pick up the tab) for your birthday present.  So you can order the surf and turf if you want!  He chose The Korean House (he also knew his grandson LOVED Asian food and had a palate at the age of 4 that far surpassed ours in our 60’s).

My son, my daughter-in-law and my grandson (the sophisticated palate one) live in Arlington, Virginia, and the selection of international restaurants is mind boggling.  So when they heard what Papa’s selected they were surprised and pleased.  The experience was the same as the first time.  My son and his wife ordered stuff I could not even pronounce.  Larry ordered a Stone bowl and I ordered the stir fired chicken.  So we reversed our original visit orders.  My grandson loves dumplings and could pick over all of our plates.  The staff was so sweet, they brought him chop sticks but they were rubber banded at the square flat end end to allow him more control of picking up his food.

Everything was perfect.  One little problem did end our grandson’s enjoyment.  His father had placed a side dish of raw jalapenos next to him (not thinking of consequences).  Our grandson popped one in his mouth thinking it was a pickled cucumber, and the shock of the heat made him gag with tears streaming down his little face.  The chef ran out from the kitchen concerned and tried to think of something to ease the burning sensation.  After lots of milk to cool his mouth and throat, he went for a walk with his mother to calm down.  They happened to find a ice cream store and that finally erased the shock.

I was upset but not at the Korean House.  I was pleasantly  surprised with their immediate attendance and concern.  It only re-enforced my opinion of this wonderful family owned and run restaurant.  New rule: Grandma will forever sit closer to her grandson and causally watch what goes into his mouth.


From Local Farm to Your Kitchen

Nationwide and with promotion even from the White House by Michele Obama, there is a growing interest/push for Local Foods, Strong Farms and Healthy Communities.  You can drive down Merrimon Ave. (just two streets over from Cumberland Circle) and see where churches are growing vegetables on their front and side lawns ( cared for by their congregations).  Members of AIR (Asheville Independent Restaurants) have all committed to using local farm products within 100  miles.  ASAP (Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project) is a hugely responsible for teaching local farmers how to market their products, connecting food service buyers and Chefs to farms that can fill their needs, producing and publishing a local Food Guide, designing a brand that certifies products that are Appalachian Grown, education of school children focusing on where their food comes from (farm tours) and organizing Asheville City Markets coordinating with the Mountain Tailgate Market Association. Even if you are just visiting you can enjoy the following list of Tailgate Markets: Asheville City Market-8am – 1pm, Saturdays, 161 S. Charlotte St. and Eagle Street- free parking available; Asheville City Market South-1-5pm, Wednesdays – 2 Town Square Blvd- Biltmore Park Town Square; French Broad Food Co-op Market– 2-6pm, Wednesdays, 76 Biltmore Ave., in parking lot next to French Broad Food-Co-op; Montford Tailgate Market-2-6pm, Wednesdays, parking lot of the Asheville Visitors Center, 34 Montford Ave; East Asheville Tailgate Market-3-6pm, Fridays, Groce United Methodist Church’s parking lot at the corner of Beverly and Tunnel road; West Asheville Tailgate Market-3:30-6:30 pm, Tuesdays, 718 Haywood Road, in parking area between Grace Baptist Church and Sun Trust Bank.  Items to buy range from flowers, goat cheese, grass fed beef, pasteurized pork, cider, vegetables, fresh bread, honey, molasses, mushrooms, eggs, soap and chocolate, to name a few items for sale.


Asheville’s Wine and Food Festival for 2014


This will be the 6th year that Asheville is offering a Foodtopian experience to showcase just what these Western Mountains has to savor, enjoy and imbibe.  Asheville’s Wine and Food Festival is split into 3 days of heaven, Thursday, August 21 thru Saturday, August 23, 2014.  Tickets are available at

Each day is a separate theme: ELIXIR, on Thursday, August 21, from 6 to 8pm at a secret location somewhere in Asheville.  The focus is Cocktails and the wizardry of Mixology. It is a competition using the spirits only from North Carolina.  There will be live entertainment and hors d’oeuvres  as you sample each creation.

The theme for Friday: SWEET, August 22, from 8 to 10 pm in the Grove Arcade.  Explore tastes from local bakeries, patisseries, chocolatiers, wine vendors, local breweries and local distillers.  Music will be jazz performed by ONE LEG UP.  The shops in the Grove arcade will also keep their doors open during this event.

The final theme for Saturday: GRAND TASTING, August 23, from 1-5 pm for VIP entrance and 2 to 5 pm for General Admission in the US Cellular Center, 87 Haywood Street.  There will be over 125 international and local wines, regional distilleries, farmers, restaurants and chefs, local Beer City Breweries.  All located on the arena floor and on the concourse and for your individual tasting.