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My life as an Innkeeper in Asheville, North Carolina

Okay, here goes my first blog post. I have run out of excuses, procrastinations, going to the restroom, praying the telephone would ring and continual checking for new emails. I have not yet tried the ploy of peppering our guests with questions such as, “So just what do you think of President Obama? What religion do you believe he really is? Do you think he will ever cheat on Michele?” I would probably end up with lengthy discussions that would delay me typing this; but the consequence of a mass desertion of guests due to a crazed person (me) coming out with such preposterous questions would not be worth it. Also my sweet husband, Lar, would most likely hide his face in shock and wonder what in heaven’s name I had been sniffing.

So instead I begin my blog about my life as an innkeeper/shared owner at Applewood Manor Inn Bed and Breakfast. I will cover many topics from my candid views of innkeeping, my life before innkeeping, experiences with guests, recipes and anything having to do with cooking, pets and innkeeping, a personal life and private time while innkeeping, so on and so forth. The constant theme is innkeeping but it will always be liberally fused with humor. Be prepared for a laugh filled slightly altered but honest commentary of life as an innkeeper here in the Blue Ridge Mountains and home of the acclaimed Biltmore Estate (which I personally call the Disney of Asheville).