Your Asheville B & B Innkeepers

 Chase McWhorter & A.J. Grein

The Applewood Inn is headed by Andrew J. Grein, M.D., a neonatologist by training and Physician at Rutherdfordton Children’s Care in Rutherfordton, NC.  Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, his strong mid-western roots and values allow him the even keeled personality to oversee the management of the Inn.  As the former Medical Director of the NICU at Womack Army Medical Center, his management and experience helps ensure The Applewood Manor is efficient.  You may also find him in the kitchen on the weekends, peparing our breakfasts!  From Indy Car Racing, Colts football season ticket holder, extensive traveling and exploration, current and historical events…. his varied interests are sure to assist each guest as they seek out new adventures in Asheville and the surrounding region.  If you want rafting, hiking, climbing or outdoor activities, he is your guy!

Chase A. McWhorter, a veteran of the United States Army and graduate of Methodist University, is our innkeeper and horticulturalist.  Chase brings a unique skill set to the inn, preparing  varied and delicious meals in the morning and working in the garden to grow our food in the afternoon.  With grand vision for the development and oversight of the extensive gardens on the property, he supervises and executes the master garden plan to optimize the beauty and productivity of the large gardens at the Inn.  This allows us to produce food to serve our guests and provide a serene and welcoming environment for our guests to enjoy.  His extensive experience with gardening will benefit the Inn and the guests who enjoy the property.  Leading a life of sustainable gardening practices and devoting significant portions of the property for Urban micro-farming and native plantings, if you are looking to learn about plants, growing seasons, production gardening in a small area and all things environmental…. seek Chase out!  You’ll find him with his hands in the earth.

Jasper Grein, the 10 year old son of AJ, is the Inn’s Official Greeter and all-around amazing Kid.  As a middle schooler, Jasper is prepared to entertain and tease our guests when he’s not outside playing, galavanting the neighborhood with his buddies, practicing a lay-up in Montford Park or starring in his next YouTube video.  A fun-loving, adventure seeking, super smart and funny guy, Jasper enjoys binge watching old TV shows, drawing, singing and loves to run.

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