The All American Omelette

photo 1At Applewood Manor,It is a challenge to come up with visually stimulating, nutritious and healthy filling entrees daily.  Incorporating choices for the varietal taste of guests.  We serve breakfast between 8 to 9 AM every morning unless the manor house rooms are reserved by a bunch of friends or family reunions (we LOVE to host) in all our 6 rooms.

We take great care identifying and watching individual allergies, likes and dislike preferences as well as limiting diets of choice.  Posting of the daily menu of all three courses; a homemade bread  toasted with cream cheese, a bowl of fresh fruit with toppings choices of Dannon Lite Greek vanilla yogurt with my heart healthy granola and then the main entree.  Adding care for those diets of  no eggs please, vegans, vegetarians and type 2/ type 1 Diabetics.  It all culminates in great fun!

Enter my all American omelette.  I call it that as I prefer the thinner omelette to the fluffy thicker French omelette so as to control the cooking of the ingredients.  We offer our guests 6 ingredient choices; Baby spinach, cherry or Campari tomatoes chopped, sweet colored peppers, sweet chopped onion, ham and lastly extra sharp cheddar cheese.

The secret to a perfectly orchestrated omelette is to not over cook the ingredients, use a preheated nonstick 12 inch skillet, cooking the omelette at a low heat  and mix the well beaten eggs with a tablespoon of water per egg.  You can use butter, soy butter, olive oil, coconut butter or any other butter substitute.  I saute the chosen ingredients until almost done yet still crisp, then collected that in a straight line from the skillet handle to the opposite side all of the skillet.  Reduce the heat and pour the beaten egg on each side of the line of ingredients.  Swirl the egg gently toward the ingredients before is set and then leave alone.  Using a thin rubber spatula testing the egg edge to see if set, with a controlled wrist movement lift and flip set egg over the center line covering the sauteed ingredients. Repeat on other side when egg is set.  Slip onto plate and put in 200 degree F oven to finish cooking for about 3 to 5 minutes.  I try to keep very little crusty brown on the underside of omelette, unless instructed differently.  If someone wants a very soft omelette serve after 3 minute set up; if want a more well done omelette serve after 5 or more minutes.  Omelettes can sit in oven for as long as 15minutes before being too dry.

There are many many more ingredients and your imagination is unlimited in your choices to add.  In New York City, a standard omelette offered at practically all Diners was a jelly omelette.  That is an omelette where the filling is any kind of prepared jelly/jam spread in the center then sides folded over.  Sounds terrible but the sweet/tart with the egg is delicious.  Enjoy!


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