A surprise in Applewood Manor’s back yard!

Maggie and Lila

Maggie and Lila after a long day helping in the yard

It is that time of the year in AshevilleLarry purchased bags of grass seed and fertilizer this last Spring. Spending hours aerating the acre and a half, he meticulously spread the seed over our back and side yards. His timing was perfect and before the crows could gobble up the seed, Mother Nature provided us with a gentle thorough rain and our wild guardians.

For the last five years the Chicken Hawk family makes their nest in a special Pine tree in the front. They take over our back yard perching in our huge trees.  They scare away black birds and crows, therefore if Larry spreads the seed after they come back for their Spring mating ritual, these Chicken Hawks protect the lawn.

I thought Maine seagulls are big, well the Crows out weight Maggie and Lila by a few pounds!  They are noisy and bossy.  They do not even run away when Maggie and Lila are outside.  I think they know the girls are afraid of them. The Chicken Hawks, on the other hand, just sit and watch and do not bother the little Silky Terriers. They rid our yard of snakes, rodents, and like.

So again, Mother Nature co-operated and provided us with plenty of gentle nurturing moisture.  The yards began to green and appeared lush.  Soon the seedlings began to take on a non-grass appearance…and then even to flower.  Upon closer inspection we suddenly had a yard of clover with pink and white flowers.  Any and all bees were in ‘bee-heaven’ and littered the yard gathering pollen (someone must have a bee hive near by).  Besides the clover, we had purple wild violets, another yellow tiny flowering plant and WILD STRAWBERRIES!

#2 applewood's wild strawberries

applewood wild strawberries

I have to admit it was fun to go outside with the Silky Terrier girls and count all the tiny red strawberries that would spring up over night.  I tasted some and that was not pleasant, relatively no flavor and a lot of grit. So we always had a lush green yard but not with that longed for grass but all kinds of little plants.

I am sure any wild rabbits, chipmunks, field mice, moles and other creatures that live around our yard appreciated the daily new crop.  By the time the tiny strawberries appeared the Chicken Hawk Family had moved on.

So now that Spring is soon here, Larry just aerated and fertilized again.  I wonder what we will grow next?  I bet it will be green but not necessarily the hoped for lush grass.

Next time you are visiting Asheville stay with us and I promise Larry won’t put you to work in the yard.





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