Month: September 2013

Lila & Maggie

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We have two Australian Silky Terrier mascots for Applewood Manor.   They are named Miss Maggie and Miss Lila.  Two totally different personalities, but mischievous little devils at heart!  Maggie (on left of above photo) is spoiled and a bit of a snob.  She will come when you call but she may get within inches of you and suddenly do an about-face!  She does not walk she SWISHES.  At nine years of age, she is now the alpha of our little pack.  She has taught Miss Lila every bad habit that a dog could think of, from barking to looking totally pitiful.  I swear she practices sad needy faces when we are not looking.  She also has an ability to scent other dogs before they even get out of the car for our pet friendly Cortland Cottage.  She has been part of our family since she was 12 weeks old, and though the runt of her litter, she is truly a beauty to look at.  Beauty or not, she ate our leather sofa, which is now reupholstered in NEW leather, and sits in the Winesap Suite on the third floor.  She also has consumed more than a few pairs of Larry’s shoes, during her puppy years along with a hearing aide or two!IMG_5400

Miss Lila (on left of above photo) has been with us for only a year and a half.  She is our approximately 7 year old Amish Puppy Mill Rescue Silky from Georgia.  She lived in a cage for those 7 years, made to have puppies (to sell to pet stores), has a tattoo in her left ear, had her babies taken from her and is missing 21 of her 42 teeth, all in the front!  She is petrified of most men; dare to ruffle her ears or move too fast, she yelps like you have killed her!  She is a sweet curious. faithful, loving little dog who was traumatized for most of her life.  To have endured that terrible living condition, I think she is remarkable!  Maggie adores her and Lila forces Maggie to be the alpha dog.  Lila will not go out without Maggie leading the way.  She is a bit of a Couch Spud being not large enough to be called a Couch Potato.  She hates getting up in the morning, so after treats or her breakfast she can be found under my computer, on a king pillow in the pantry, napping.  She has figured out that when breakfast dishes are removed she might pick up a morsel or two.  She is my constant shadow but until more time passes, we try to restrict her roaming the common area to keep her from being too frightened.  She has found her permanent home, we just need to make sure she knows she is loved and protected.  Everyone of our guests are so kind and understanding of her past, and allow her to approach them on her own accord.  She has been known to snuggle next to guests on the leather sofa in the living room during social hour, but she has to decide if she wants to.