Month: July 2013

My favorite time of the year in Downtown Asheville


Every year I can hardly wait for the end of June through the end of August.  Something so special occurs that makes Asheville even more unique and outstanding.  In recognition of the cultural experience the city erected a permanent stage to ensure this free attraction continues in the center of town.  I am talking about Shindig on the Green.

Every Saturday, with the exception of Belle Chere weekend (last weekend in July) or torrential rains, in the center of downtown Asheville is where the 47th season of free Blue Grass, clogging, square dancing, western North Carolina traditional music and other dance performances.  This is held out of doors, on the Bascom Lamar Lunsford Stage.   There are even informal musical jam sessions all around the stage .  With our new food truck venders, there are plenty of refreshments, as well as our many spectacular restaurants just around the corner.

Shindig on the Green begins around 7pm and continues until 10pm.  You sit amongst all ages, some people on blankets, some folding chairs.  Little children will be dancing close to the stage and even teenagers are enthralled.  You used to be able to bring your dog but they have banned that now.

The blue grass is knee slapping, wholesome and happy music.  If you live here, you always see friends and neighbors. If you own a Bed and Breakfast you always see some of your guests.  This is family entertainment sharing the joys of life and a living culture that is all American and all Asheville.