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The Guest Who Is Staying a Bit LongerThan Normal

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grandmom and grandpet

My son and daughter-in-law are having a house built for them in Arlington, Virgina.  They have (my first four legged grandson named) Toby, who is a Boston Terrier.  Unfortunately the place they are staying temporarily, does not allow dogs (how unfortunate).  So I was asked to take care of him for 2 weeks, which transformed, or course, into over 2 months! Presently Mr. Toby is still with us from his arrival on June 25!!   Their house is progressing, but you can imagine easily, how timetables are rather nebulous and it takes longer than expected.

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Mr. Toby is absolutely adored by our guests!  He LOVES people. In fact he received a report card from doggie day care that stated he does not play well with other dogs.  I suspect he thinks he is a four legged human.  A few problems, he is not a dander free pet and he jumps up on you.  So Mr.Toby is always behind our kitchen gates, much to his sorrow.

Maggie and Lila are not jealous, which surprises me.  It is quite a feat to have both dogs in my lap at the same time (Toby and Lila).  The girls even wait for me to get Toby’s harness on before they run out into the back yard.  We cannot let Toby run loose.  He is very muscular and very fast.  Being a terrier, when he gets free he stays just out of your reach, running in circles, stopping to make sure you are trying to catch him with a huge grin on his face.  It is rather annoying and time consuming to catch him.  Thank god he really just wants to be where I am, so eventually he tires and let himself be escorted back in to the house.

So we are now a family of 5 (temporarily) here at Applewood Manor Inn.  One wide open Boston Terrier and two lazy Silky Terriers.



Back to Korean House

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back to korean  restaurant


If you love a restaurant that is well serviced, the food is very healthy and beautifully presented you sure take your grandson there, when you get to choose where you want to eat for your birthday. And that is exactly what Larry did.   The kids (parent’s of the grandson) treat (they will pick up the tab) for your birthday present.  So you can order the surf and turf if you want!  He chose The Korean House (he also knew his grandson LOVED Asian food and had a palate at the age of 4 that far surpassed ours in our 60’s).

My son, my daughter-in-law and my grandson (the sophisticated palate one) live in Arlington, Virginia, and the selection of international restaurants is mind boggling.  So when they heard what Papa’s selected they were surprised and pleased.  The experience was the same as the first time.  My son and his wife ordered stuff I could not even pronounce.  Larry ordered a Stone bowl and I ordered the stir fired chicken.  So we reversed our original visit orders.  My grandson loves dumplings and could pick over all of our plates.  The staff was so sweet, they brought him chop sticks but they were rubber banded at the square flat end end to allow him more control of picking up his food.

Everything was perfect.  One little problem did end our grandson’s enjoyment.  His father had placed a side dish of raw jalapenos next to him (not thinking of consequences).  Our grandson popped one in his mouth thinking it was a pickled cucumber, and the shock of the heat made him gag with tears streaming down his little face.  The chef ran out from the kitchen concerned and tried to think of something to ease the burning sensation.  After lots of milk to cool his mouth and throat, he went for a walk with his mother to calm down.  They happened to find a ice cream store and that finally erased the shock.

I was upset but not at the Korean House.  I was pleasantly  surprised with their immediate attendance and concern.  It only re-enforced my opinion of this wonderful family owned and run restaurant.  New rule: Grandma will forever sit closer to her grandson and causally watch what goes into his mouth.