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The Rose Wood Baby Grand Piano in the Parlor

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So you have painted, cleaned, put up new storm windows, purchased new furniture and had old furniture refinished and reupholstered.  Rearranged more than a few times to get the right look.  But there was just something missing, especially in the parlor.

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I remember during our second year I was showing a new guest around, pointing out the 1910 0r 1912 photo of Applewood Manor as well as the panoramic photo taken from the Granny Smith balcony of the spectacular view.  The view shows how the manor house had an unobstructed view of the land where now sits other houses, the University of North Carolina Asheville (UNCA) campus and the surrounding mountains.  I noticed for the first time that the original sconces had a brass lip with tiny holes, therefore indicating that they originally had crystals hanging.  That made this Parlor very feminine, for Captain Perry’s wife and daughter to receive guests.  So what did I need to add to set an atmosphere of gentility and feminine touches?

Back in the late 19th and early 20th century  women learned stitching, still wore long skirts, their hair was arranged on top of their head, they served tea and cakes and were schooled in handwriting, art and music.  So what better a piece to add the correct touch, but a Baby Grand Piano!

We located a estate liquidation in Biltmore Forest where they had a Baby Grand for sale.  Our neighbors had a Baby Grand along with the equipment to move it from one place (house) to another.  So we took a look at it with them as our advisers, discovered it was a Schafer and Sons but made out of solid rosewood!  The sound was much richer than normal as rosewood is used to make violins.

So we purchased the piano and it now sits in the Parlor.  We then purchased an antique framed Leaded Glass to divert the suns rays from marring the wood surface and ivory keys, yet allow natural sunlight in.  It was a bit of a Laurel and Hardy skit to watch four men get a Baby Grand through the front door!  She is tuned once a year and played by many a guest to the enjoyment and pleasure of all staying at our B&B.  Her beauty is indeed enhances the room and the rose wood enriches the decor.


B&B for Vets program

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Vets day 2014

Veteran’s Day is Tuesday November 11th, 2014.  Once again we have joined with fellow ABBA members and other B&B’s around the country who participate.  We are offering a free night’s stay at Applewood Manor Inn B&B to any Veteran (proof of honorable discharge required or proof of Active Service, required). A credit card will hold your reservation.